Outstanding Test Results!

Test Results are one of the most important aspects of any product and the same applies to the Energy Brick.

We have tested the Energy Brick to the extremes to ensure that it can meet and surpass all the challenges and standards that it would ever need to face.

Can you imagine what would happen, for example, if both the inner and outer skins of the Energy Brick was put under a naked flame of temperatures exceeding 3,000 degrees Celsius?

During the recent bush fires in country areas of Victoria the Country Fire Authority claimed that at the heart of the fire it reached temperatures of approximately 1,200 degrees Celsius.

Our tests were done at temperatures more than double this temperature, with outstanding results.

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You will be impressed in how the Energy Brick performs.

Combustibility Test on the outer skin Magnesium Board

Combustibility Test on the inner core of the Rigid Polisocyanurate Foam

Comparison Test to clay bricks and concrete blocks

Heat Transfer Test

Screw Fixing Test

Compressive Strength

Seasonal Temperature tests in the Test home in the Blue Mountains
With the above Test Results you can’t go past using the Energy Brick to greatly improve energy ratings, fire retardant qualities, cost savings and speed of construction, to name a few.

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