Screw Test


The Magnesium Board of the Energy Bick was selected because it has an embodied glass fibre reinforcing fabric to hold screws effectively. This test was to confirm its capacity and ability to withstand various types and sizes of fixing screws being applied to it.


Firstly, by using a cordless drill, a number of different sized Tec screws where screwed directly into the Magnesium Board with great success. They were not only firm but had to be removed using the cordless drill.

Secondly, other different sized screws were used which would normally be the type needed for fixing back timber frames used for internal walling. As in many other applications, the larger the size of screw required an appropriate sided pilot hole needed to be drilled prior to the screw being inserted.


The Magnesium Board of the Energy Brick held up under all test conditions using different sized and types of screw.


This confirmed that the Magnesium Board was the right product, with its embodied glass fibre reinforcing fabric, to be used for fixing into as part of the Energy Brick.

This also allows plaster, other wall linings, power points, light fittings, coat hooks etc. to be attached directly to the Magnesium Board by using Tec type screws.

When larger screws are needed for fixing internal walls and door frames directly to the Energy Brick, it is recommended that not only the screws be used but also liquid nails or a similar product.