Media Releases

Wednesday 24th June 2009

Reported in the "HERALD SUN" in the Advertising Feature for the Building & Home Improvement Expo

Brick smart

GREEN Energy Bricks offer an insight into the future of sustainable buildings. The bricks are tested to 3000C, have an insulation rating of R8+ (three times greater than insulated brick veneer), acoustic properties and are a sustainable product that will save in building and ongoing energy costs.

Thursday 20th - Sunday 23rd August 2009

In the Coloured Brochure as part of the "Herald Sun Melbourne Home & Garden Expo"

Green Energy Bricks deliver the latest innovation in building construction. The bricks are structural yet light weight, have acoustic properties with a massive R8+ insulation rating, and will withstand temperatures of 3000c. Energy Bricks are a sustainable product that saves construction and ongoing energy costs. They are tomorrow's bricks, today!

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