Magnesium Board Test


The Magnesium Board of the Energy brick would be the initial and main protective barrier in any fire situation.

This test was to confirm how the Magnesium Board would react to a naked flame of temperatures in excess of 3,000 degrees Celsius.


Set up a test where a naked flame of temperatures in excess of 3,000 degrees Celsius was positioned to directly burn the magnesium board, and allowed to do so for a 10 minute period.


The magnesium Board did not catch fire, ignite or was penetrated in any way by the flame.

A 50mm diameter mark was left on the Magnesium Board where the most intense heat of the middle of the flame was situated.When left to cool down after the flame was extinguished the 50mm diameter area was scraped back using a sharp tool to find it only penetrated 3mm into the board, and only at the very centre where the flame had been.


The magnesium board skin of the Energy Brick will not ignite or catch fire at temperatures in excess of 3,000 degrees Celsius.

This becomes particularly important when it is known that during the recent bushfires in Victoria, that temperatures reached approx. 1,200 degrees at the heart of the fire.

The temperatures of this test far exceed these conditions.

The Energy Brick therefore has fire retardant qualities that are required for bushfire or fire prone areas and far exceeds the high temperatures that could be experienced in these areas.

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