The Green Building impact!

Green building is one of the most important trends in the construction industry today. When we build a house we cannot avoid impacting the environment, but we can work towards reducing that environmental impact.

This incorporates a whole building design approach into every phase of the building process including

• Land development,

• resourcing efficient building designs to enhance the well-being of the occupants,

• improving construction techniques,

• increasing energy efficiency,

• water efficiency

• minimize the negative impacts on the community and natural environment.

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At Green Energy Bricks our desire is to help accelerate the adoption of building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable buildings.

Informed choices will help reduce energy bills, while providing a healthier living environment, reduce the need to burn fossil fuels and help fight climate change – one of society’s most pressing environmental issues.

As building professionals (and consumers) are increasingly discovering, there are as many techniques to building green as there are advantages.

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Green Energy Bricks has taken the initiative through our super energy efficient bricks to assist builders and consumers with a unique environmentally friendly building technique, to lessen the impact on our environment.

Our bricks are molded using rigid PIR (polyisocyanurate) fire safe foam with a non combustible blowing agent which has zero greenhouse gas emissions, zero ozone depletion, and is non toxic.

The foam can be sourced from petroleum oils, coal oils and a series of vegetable based oils like soy, corn, palm oil etc.

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In all cases the carbon in the materials is sequestered in the bricks for at least the life of the building, and beyond, as recycling is a realistic probability.

Our Energy Bricks pass all the tests for superior energy efficiency. With a massive R8+ energy rating this makes a dramatic difference in assisting to lessen the impact on the environment.

This makes Green Buildings cost less to operate because they will use less energy and water, and require less maintenance.

Indoor air quality is superior because chemicals are minimized along with mould and other harmful substances.

The resale value of a Green Building is increased because of their energy saving features and are built to last.

Green Building using Green Energy Bricks for the building envelope is the only choice for the future!

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