Being fire resistant is a must!

The ability to build a fire resistant home should be a priority for designers, home owners and builders alike.   With our home being one of our biggest investments, it is essential to make sure the walls are constructed using materials that satisfy the fire resistant requirements for use in areas that are zoned BAL 12.5 through to BAL FZ .

Fire safety and having walls constructed which do not allow the transfer of heat intensity through the walls and that can withstand ember attach and radiant heat from a bushfire provides added overall protection to the home and to the structure itself. 

Fire Testing:

Green Energy Bricks have been tested to the extremes to ensure that they meet and surpass all the challenges and standards they will ever need to face.

They have been rigorously tested and satisfy the stringent requirements of AS 3959:2018 for wall application use in BAL 12.5 to BAL FZ areas when installed in accordance with the products installation instructions.

The fire resistant qualities and importance of using Green Energy Bricks will clearly become apparent when a fire occurs to save lives and protect property. 

The CSIRO tested the Energy Bricks by heating up one surface of the Magnesium Oxide board to 900°C with the opposite face averaging only 28°C.       


We did not stop there and even further fire resistance testing indicated that even under the extremes of 3000°C the Magnesium Oxide Board did not ignite or catch fire.

The PIR foam core was self-extinguishing.

To ensure they remain the best available product, ongoing testing continues.

You can be confident that you will have some of the best fire protection when the super-efficient, fire resistant Green Energy Bricks are used as part of your construction process.

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