Introducing The Energy Brick!

The Energy Brick fulfills all the criteria to save time and cost yet gives the maximum energy savings when it comes to building a home.

The Energy Brick
The finish offers an attractive appearance with minimal maintenance, high durability, high load bearing capacity coupled with the highest in acoustic and thermal performance.

A single brick is 600mm long X 300mm high X 320mm wide and is equivalent in size to laying 18 standard clay bricks in double brick. Yet so much quicker, cheaper and easier!

The brick’s unique formulation consists of a central core of rigid Polyisocyanurate Foam (PIR) with an external and internal skin of 9mm Magnesium Oxide Board. This makes it both light weight, yet load bearing and with an attractive finish.

Double course corner
The Magnesium Oxide skins are non-combustible and the foam core self extinguishing. This makes the Energy Brick one of the most fire resistant building materials available on the market today.

The bricks are available in 8 different models to suit straight runs, corners, openings and “T” junctions. There is therefore a style of brick to suit any application.

With a massive R8+ energy rating the Energy Brick has a minimum of 4 times greater R rating than most other standard construction methods.

The Energy Brick is light weight (see our comparison sheet) and its design allows for easy pick up, laying and handling. NO mortar is required! No filling with concrete!

Lintol over opening
It is a Single wall system, but has superior properties and functions than a double brick wall.

The design includes a 80mm diameter hole running vertically every 300mm to allow for running of electrical cabling, telephone lines, TV or sound cabling after the wall has been constructed.

This deletes the need to run conduits or install electrical metal boxes during the wall construction process.

This also makes it easier to know where electrical cabling can be run if there is a need to add any electrical points at a future time.

Bricks with Top plate
The Magnesium Oxide Board allows for easy screw fixings. It can be drilled and screwed making it ideal for all applications.

The brick has special location lugs as part of the design which allows the brick to be located easily into its correct laying location or position.

Its just like using building blocks when we were kids, yet so much more fun, when it is actually being done for real!

Its’ bottom design allows for top hat steel sections, lintels and other sections to be placed easily into position as part of the construction process.

Finished with window
Windows can be added after the energy bricks have been laid and with the Flush Fin design of double glazed windows from Green Energy Windows, installing them is a dream and adds to the overall energy efficiency of the home.

Even though the brick comes with an interior finish, it is always possible to add a different internal finish to suit the style or décor you desire for your home.

All in all the brick has been well thought out to save labour costs, increase energy efficiency, faster construction times and of course, save money!

You can’t go wrong with the super energy efficient Energy Brick!

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