How are electrical and plumbing services located?

The shape of the Energy Bricks allow for service pipework such as electrical cabling and plumbing pipework to be easily installed.

Horizontally this is achieved through the opening at the bottom of the bricks where the shape is in the form of a top hat section.
Vertically it can go down through the 80mm diam. holes which are located every 300m. The threaded rods go through every alternate hole therefore cabling can go down any of the spare ones.

Installing plumbing fittings is easy with the Magnesium Oxide Board which is located on each face. For example, installing lugged elbow can be screwed on to the Magnesium Oxide board.
If there are tap fittings for example in a shower then the best alternative would be to batten it out to the required distance before AC sheet be put on the wall ready fo tiling. Most other plumbing fittings would come through sinks, basins troughs etc.

If there is a requirement then the Magnesium Oxide board can easily be cut with a masonry disc or diamond saw and the PIR foam can be cut to house the fitting.

Electrical switches and power points can easily be screwed back onto the Magnesium Oxide board which will hold them in their correct position.

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