What Design Criteria
was used?

The design criteria and objective in the development of the Energy Brick was to make a radical cost effective improvement in the thermal performance of buildings for both concrete slab and above ground construction.

2 Courses above ground
The Energy Brick was developed to avoid adding extra layers of materials and labour, which would add cost to conventional construction.

Previous attempts to achieve super-insulated standards have always resulted in a fairly hefty COST penalty. This often prevents mainstream adoption of the higher building standards.

4 Courses on a slab
The Energy Brick from Green Energy Bricks achieves 4 to 5 times the insulation rating of conventional housing in Australia, and is designed to massively REDUCE the labour content of wall construction.

Over 5 processes, all with different materials and trades can be reduced to one or two processes, with skills that can be learned in a few hours.

5 Courses
While the bricks are more expensive at present than the material components of conventional walls, the labour to assemble is considerably reduced, meaning we have a solution; Green Energy Bricks increase the insulation rating considerably, while at the same time massively reducing the labour complexity and costs.

The end result is close to price competitive with conventional construction, with vastly superior thermal performance, reduced energy consumption and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

bricks with Window openings

Houses and buildings need to be designed on the block module of 300mm for wall lengths and opening location sizes for doors and windows.

For example, a typical front door will need an opening 1.5 bricks or 900mm wide and 2100mm high which allows for a typical 820mm wide door and door frame.

Windows can be made with increments of 300mm wide and 300mm high. A window size of 1200mm wide X 1800 high will fit the brickwork perfectly.

Green Energy Windows - with their Lifetime Warranty can supply windows with a specially formulated flush fin, which makes installation even easier. This allows the windows to be the last thing to be installed prior to lockup stage.

Bottom of window
The chances of damage to the windows, which often happens during this conventional period of construction, will be greatly reduced.

Initially builders may need onsite training. Architects and designers will also need to become familiar with the system. Green Energy Bricks can provide this training and also offer a service where we can bring the brick for viewing to answer any questions with the owner, builder, architect or designer.

The Energy Brick is designed for the external wall envelope and not normally for internal walls except to insulate from unconditioned areas like garages.

completed house
However, there have been some circumstances where designers or architects have included them as a continuing feature as an internal wall.

The Energy Brick with its Magnesium Oxide board skin allows for all types of applied finishes, render and painting.

The design criteria and objectives were all achieved.

The Energy Brick stands alone in being able to give a single, structural light weight wall that saves labour costs and initial construction time and then ongoing savings in reduced energy costs due to its massive R8+ energy rating.

It is truly Tomorrows Bricks, Today!

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