How many of these cost savings can you use?

The following cost savings add up if the Energy Brick is used as part of your construction process;

1. No rebate is required as part of the concrete slab – only an outer square edge is required.

2. It’s a single wall system which:
Replaces the external skin of brickwork or any other type of lining
Replaces the need for a structural stud wall as the Energy Brick itself is load bearing
Replaces any need for insulation as it is already at a massive R8+.
Replaces any need for sislation
Replaces the need to add other materials to the external wall. This is usually done to increase the wall’s energy rating to reach 5 or 6 stars.

3. Reduces the cost for a termite barrier and other flashing requirements.

4. Dramatically increases the speed of construction.

5. The Energy Bricks can be laid from inside where it is a flat platform. This avoids the use of expensive scaffolds to perform the work from the outside and lessens the possibilities of OH&S issues.

6. Smaller heating and cooling units are required, which results in less initial outlay.

7. Reduces ongoing utility costs, which equates to continued savings year after year.

8. Depending on the type of windows used, and the method of installation, the windows can be the last item installed to achieve lock up.
This dramatically reduces or eliminates the chances of breakage, damage or replacement of windows, which can often happen during normal building construction.

9. This same method of window installation allows the square setting of the plaster up to the window frame, which reduces the need for architraves or their ongoing painting and maintenance requirements.

10. When the Energy Bricks are used for double storey extensions, they too can be laid from inside which reduces the need for further scaffolding and the need for tradesmen to walk on the roof. This in turn flows on to greatly reduce the damage or replacement of the existing roof.

11. The Energy Bricks are laid directly on top of the concrete slab, or the flooring material for above ground construction.
There is no major added expense to lay the Energy Bricks from ground level, or any need for any special footing.
Magnesium oxide board tiles, (the same size as the Energy Brick) can be laid on the edge of the slab giving the impression that they commence from the ground up. This can give you the look, without the added expense.

12. No extra costs for brick cleaning.

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