Compressive Strength


To determine the compressive strength, of the Energy Brick, to be used as a structural wall.


Crushing tests were carried out on whole block specimens by the CSIRO.

This material was a low density foam which was subsequently modified by doubling the density to approximately 58 kg/m3.

The compressive strength of the original sample was 130kPa.


Compressive strength tests on the modified sample were carried out by the manufacturer.

Whole block tests returned the results above, that is, 380kPa.

The stress/strain relationship is linear up to the yield point where collapse of the test specimen occurs. This yield point sets the maximum strength of the block.


The stress/strain curve supplied by the CSIRO shows an initial set of approximately 1mm under test conditions.

This suggests that there is a “bedding in” process when loads are applied through the platens.

This condition will apply in wall building and a small precompression load should be applied through the top wall plate.

Once again the Energy brick passes another test with flying colours!

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